Necessities for Festivalizing // Elvira’s recommendations for SPOT FESTIVAL 2016

SPOT-Festival-2016 GbD recommendations NEWWhat I would do If I were at SPOT Festival 2016? Well you might just wonder. Try catching me at the stages where the energy is pulsating and the people are …Danish.

Unfortunately I’ll have to stay at the other side of Kattegat, grieving my loss of a lot of great music.

But suppose I would be festivalizing along with the other GbD-ladies, there is one thing more important to me than anything else music-related – I need to be able to sing along with every single line in pretty much all of the songs I listen to. It takes hard practice, I know. And achieving that may be a bit optimistic for you, regarding the time-limit and all. But that’s why I choose to assist you in picking the right songs for you to focus on. I put together a very short but oh-how-great little mixtape so you lucky fellas actually attending the festival will be able to do the sing-a-long for me. Check it out on Good because Danish’s SoundCloud profile:

1. M.i.l.k.

Because this will be a ”let’s make some new friends/good vibe” feeling concert. And because ever since I first listen to M.I.L.K.‘s ”If We Want To” I’ve been craving a private gig on a sunny beach along with my grooviest of friends and fruitiest of drinks.

2. Saint Cava

Because this duo makes everything I love combined. Experiments – and RnB. Or maybe more relatable – experimental RnB. It sounds cool, right? Just thinking about the track ”Forget” makes me bouncy and eager to wave my arms along in non-understandable ways. Can’t relate? Try it out and you might surprise yourself.

3. Smerz (NO)

Because you always need to round up your day/night with some sleepy lazy-dancing before heading home for bed (or maybe more dancing). And I’d prefer to do it along with these two too-cool-for-me Norwegian ladies.

Happy SPOT Festival, people!