EXEC – The Limber Real


Listening to music is a very personal experience. A very private one. The debut album of EXEC (the solo moniker of Troels Abrahamsen, mostly known from VETO) reminded me about a very important fact – that making music is pouring the artist’s soul into the songs, exposing the very bottom of it. That is why the listener can take music so personally.

If you happen to be a melancholic type, if you carry sadness inside you, prepare yourself to face your emotions and have an honest chat with them, while listening to the album “The Limber Real”.

Every note in EXEC’s compositions hits the string of your soul. Every word, sung with amazing devotion sounds as true as possible.

From the majestic single “The Explanatory Gap”, through to the blissful, yet melancholic “Blink”, “Hymn” or “Full Of Knots”; from the slightly disturbing and nervous “Peers”, the sensual and subtle “Bodies”, to the silencing “Stripped”EXEC shows a whole palette of emotions and shapes that a man’s voice and the piano can create together.

The fourteen songs from “The Limber Real” are a true feast for ears and soul. It takes courage to go to where EXEC got the courage to take us with his music, but it’s worth to follow him.

Listen to the album “The Limber Real” on Spotify.