JÆRV – I Staver

If you search our archives for dreamy electropop with Danish vocals you’ll probably find JÆRV and an article regarding her debut single “I Staver”.

Now, the dreamlike tune is followed up by an equally dreamy video released earlier in January.

The frames are rhythmic, minimalistic and repetitive, not really displayed in a narrative-storytelling way that one usually may be exposed to while film-consuming. So how does it serve us then; what else is there to a music – visualized?

First and most frankly of all, I must admit that I’m a fool for when good music becomes graphic, that meaning my two favorite worlds merges into one. But maybe more general speaking, I believe that we sometimes need visuals to really listen to a song carefully. It brings us closer to our musical consciousness and conveys the smallest of fractions that may not have been brought to our attention before. So in this case – if it wasn’t for the simple and continuous frames of the beautiful face of Amanda Glindvad pulsing alongside the melody, would we miss out on something we didn’t notice in the first place?

Have a look for yourself and see if there’s anything new for you to experience. Watch the video clip to “I Staver” on YouTube.