Never a band to shy away from high concept, evocative themes, Blaue Blume’s new clip to their latest single “Sky” is a beautifully constructed narrative of creation and destruction.

In what seems like an abandoned warehouse, the artists draw rough circular patterns on pieces of paper, before joint-creating a seemingly female mannequin out of clay. They then proceed to throw a sort of sand at the sculpture.

What exactly they try to represent could be discussed at length – whether it is meant to depict a relationship that did not live up to the mind’s creation, or destroying connections built – it is hard to pinpoint. Any good art needs that room for interpretation, and here Blaue Blume have left the viewer with room to make their own conclusion as what could be.

The video is filmed and edited in a way that encapsulates the ambiguity of the themes. Lighting in particular captures the light vs dark opposition, strobing and twisting the narrative towards an uncertain fate. Blaue Blume continue to produce daring material.

Watch the video to “Sky” on YouTube.