EXEC – The Explanatory Gap


VETO’s lead singer Troels Abrahamsen has started a new solo project named EXEC and he has just released the very first single of his upcoming album “The Limber Real” which will be issued on 12. February 2016.

The song is called “The Explanatory Gap” and explores the feeling of loneliness that many of us experience in life, even though we have so many people around us. Forget VETO’s characteristic electronic sound; with EXEC, Abrahamsen has stripped down the music to a minimum, keeping just his fantastic voice and a piano. The result is absolutely stunning and will probably make you slightly teary-eyed.

Listen to “The Explanatory Gap” on SoundCloud and watch the beautiful video clip on YouTube.

As already mentioned in our festival recommendations, EXEC will have his debut concert under CPH:DOX on 13. November. Don’t miss it! (Find all details for the event on Facebook.)