We have introduced you to Shadow Age before and compared his dark ambient soundscape with “a walk in slow motion through deserted nature at twilight with icy wind whipping your face and frozen grass crunching under your feet.” The Shadow Age EP in its whole feels like a solitary quest through wide-open landscapes of infinite nature. The song “Vexed” is the first on the record and it indeed invites you on a journey far, far away.

This is at least what the people in the video seems to be longing for – raw nature, far off the civilisation. They want out. But there is something more, something strange. People not only want to go away, but they also feel some kind of discomfort. The repetitive character of the song, the haunting vocals of the choir, the close-ups and the slow motion underline this feeling of latent craziness even more. People seem to be suffocating in their urban environment, they are in some sort of trance and run frantically through the streets of Copenhagen. They only seem to find some peace again as they finally get on the top of the building and see the infinite sky in front of them.

If you also want to dive into another world just for a few minutes (and without getting crazy, I promise!) watch “Vexed” by Shadow Age.