M.I.L.K. – If We Want To

MILK-IfWeWantToEvery once in a while you just happen to stumble upon something that really catches your
attention. And we’re never late to listen-and-tell.

M.I.L.K. is a new acquaintance that we are more than happy to introduce to you. We don’t really know him very well yet, but hopefully that’s about to change.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve been spending the summer dancing under the moonlight, drinking fruity drinks from a coconut while ”If We Want To” has been playing from a portable speaker wobbling in the sand. I could only imagine; because that’s pretty much what this soulful, tropical, indie-pop tune makes me want to do.

So don’t you worry if you are already starting to feel the autumn blues. Let’s keep our Scandinavian winter as light as possible. And a good start would be to pump this breezy tune up as you spill out your morning coffee or as you miss the last bus home. Throw your mittens away and keep your flip flops in the winter wardrobe. We’ll do it if we want to.

So! you know what to do:

Listen to “If We Want To” on SoundCloud.