Danish Summer - GbD MIXTAPE 2015 - NEW

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s officially SUMMER TIME!!! That means long nights, lazy afternoons, sun, parties, hanging out with friends until dawn and… listening to a lot of great, uplifting music! YES! There is no good summer time without a good (because Danish) summer mixtape. So, here is one from the Good because Danish team!

The result is a 59 minutes long mixtape with songs that make this time of the year even nicer. You can find some all-time-favorite Danish summer tracks like “Shooting Up Sunshine” by Reptile Youth, “August Copenhagen” by Kites and Komets or “Be My Love” by I’m All Ears. We have something for fans of rock sounds, something for enthusiasts of dancefloor hits and something for lovers of guitar-based music. If summer means hot, steamy nights for you, you will also find perfect songs – like “Happy In The Gutter” by Rangleklods. And there wouldn’t be a summer mixtape without a summer 2015 theme song as “Heart Of Romance” by October Dance.

Find all these songs and more on our Good because Danish – Danish Summer Mixtape 2015! Enjoy and have a great summer time!

DANISH SUMMER MIXTAPE 2015 by Good because Danish on Mixcloud

1. Reptile Youth – “Shooting Up Sunshine”
2. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Heart Attack”
3. Heimatt – “Everyone’s A Sinner”
4. Turboweekend – “Share My Thunder”
5. WhoMadeWho – “Dreams”
6. Night Sports – “Alcohol Kisses”
7. MORE – “Sunshine”
8. Late Bloomers – “Nothing Else Will Exist”
9. I’m All Ears – “Be My Love”
10. Kites and Komets – “August Copenhagen”
11. Mendoza – “Love Druggie”
12. Asbjørn – “Scandinavian Love”
13. Whitney Houdson – “It’s Okay” (BORNELAND remix)
14. October Dance – “Heart Of Romance”
15. Rangleklods – “Happy In The Gutter”
16. The Entrepreneurs – “Brutal Summer”