AV AV AV – Leia’s Theme

The DJ collective AV AV AV not only creates great electronic music, but also joins forces with amazing video directors and screenwriters. You can see the proof of that in AV AV AV’s new video to “Leia’s Theme”, directed by Martin Skovbjerg to the screeplay by Johan Forsby.

During the 6 minutes of the song – coming from AV AV AV’s debut EP “They Live” – we can see a disturbing, intriguing and very realistic image of the future world. Filmed in the incredible landscape of Iceland it all looks like the scenery of a science-fiction movie. Closed areas, people fighting and rebelling against some kind of an organisation or government… the longer you watch the video to “Leia’s Theme”, the more you want to see, the more you want to understand. The motion picture is like a beginning or a teaser of a great movie. A feeling that really gets along perfectly with the music, which is sounding like the theme song of a soundtrack.

Every part, every detail of the new AV AV AV video is perfectly balanced. All together, all pieces create an amazing whole. I haven’t seen such a brilliant video clip in a while!

Watch the video for “Leia’s Theme” on YouTube and check out AV AV AV’s music on SoundCloud (where you can listen to the newest single “Holla”).