LISERSTILLE: European Tour 2015

Lis Er Stille - Empirical Ghost album cover

LISERSTILLE recently released their new album “Empirical Ghost” and you’ll have a chance to listen to it live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic in May.

Every single song has a singularity that will take the listener into a deep altered dimension, all of a sudden you’re in a journey in space, you pass through a circus atmosphere, you enter a videogame plus many other possible scenarios. All this originated from the reminiscent Bowie-alike vocals mixed with cosmic synths, straight-forward drums, unique bass-lines and forceful guitar-riffs.” – writes Good because Danish’s Mexican author Lizethe about “Empirical Ghost”.

The band will be on tour the whole rest of the month. The live experience of their music is a very intense one, the strong emotions are quaranteed, since the band create a tension that can be felt under your skin. LISERSTILLE is without doubt one of the best live bands from Denmark when it comes to more heavy music performances and – as Lizethe states – Denmark’s best and most underrated rock band.

You need to find out about it on your own!

21.05.2015 – Kiel (DE): Schaubude
22.05.2015 – Berlin (DE): Tiefgrund – Event on Facebook
23.05.2015 – Innsbruck (AT): PMK
24.05.2015 – Thun (CH): Mokka
25.05.2015 – Siegen (DE): Vortex
26.05.2015 – Köln (DE): Underground UG2
27.05.2015 – Hagen (DE): Kultopia – Event on Facebook
28.05.2015 – Prague (CZ): Cross Club – Event on Facebook
29.05.2015 – Plzen (CZ): Pod Lampou – Event on Facebook
30.05.2015 – Trebic (CZ): Lihovar