Keep Camping - Dance - blog

Keep Camping is one of the bands that really caught our attention at SPOT Festival 2015 – and then released a great new single “Dance”, which alone is reason enough to write this post about them!

Why should you care to read it and listen to Keep Camping? First of all, the band has that something that makes your legs automatically move when you hear them play. Secondly, they are Scandinavian artists for real. Why? Because they mastered the art of putting melancholia into dancable music. Last but not least – you can hear and see that they simply love music. It’s not always so obvious with some artists. Here you don’t hear anything else than a true passion and love to music.

Keep Camping’s new single “Dance” continues the line of the potential-hit-compositions from the band’s debut album “Transport”, re-released earlier this year. It has electro-rock strength, a catchy melody, lyrics that you immediately remember and can sing along. The music seems to sound very simple – and it is. Because why complicate things? Isn’t the simple message of “Dance” to “let go NOW!” ?

I believe the world needs more straight forward, unapologetic songs. Songs that you can just sing out loud and by that, really let go all frustration. “Dance” from Keep Camping is one of these songs to me.

Listen to it on Spotify ,watch the lyric video on YouTube and buy the single on iTunes.