The duo Rangleklods had some crazy good time in Berlin and a bittersweet video clip to their new single “Lost U” came out of that trip. How does it feel to watch it? It feels like this (to me):

The time when day and night are hard to separate. When you kind of want to say something, but you kind of don’t, because you kind of know that if you will, it may get all kinds of f*cked up. The moments when you are close, but not as close as you used to be. That day, or night, when you realize some things will never be the same again, some feelings have faded away, some have completely disappeared. You realize it, but you don’t want to loose your whole world totally. So you stay quiet, you smile, you reach higher and higher levels of craziness. To drown the silence. To fill in the space between you two. And you hope that it’s all just temporary. Because I can’t really lose you, I haven’t “Lost U” yet, have I? Have you?

Rangleklods‘ video to “Lost U” is available to watch on YouTube (with guest appearence of Asbjørn, directed by Darko Dragičević). The single announces Rangleklods’ second album “Straitjacket”, which premieres on 18. May 2015.