Wenke, our guest blogger from Berlin, shares her impressions about Mount Rushmore Safari’s new video:

In November 2014, MOUNT RUSHMORE SAFARI set sail to new musical shores by signing with their new record label Trechoma Records, planning to release a new album called “Songs for ones who break” in 2015 together. Now its first single is finally out and comes with a decent but nonetheless high-class video, directed by Yasser Yassin from Danish production company ØjeKast.

“River Of Light” thrives on the typical Mount Rushmore Safari indie sounds: playful and catchy hooks, intense guitar riffs with a breath of pushiness and driving rock ´n` roll beats.

The video offers everything a good story needs: an unhappy, married guy, a pretty and exciting girl, having drinks at a bar together – talking, touching, sex. Could this become love? No. Tragic is not long in coming when Miss Clueless finds the wedding ring. She quits disappointed, leaving a miserable guy whose short happiness from last night fades by the light of day. But what’s all that misery for? The show must go on.

The video can be found on YouTube.

Guest Blogger: Wenke Vendt

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