#HIGH5 with Casper Bach Hegstrup


After several years as musician in famous Danish acts like Sleep Party People and CODY, Casper Bach Hegstrup got behind a different kind of mic and is by now one of the leading voices at the Danish radio station P6 BEAT. Along with Augusta Glahn-Abrahamsen, he – among other things – hosts a radio show called “Debut” there. As the name might already suggest, the programme is all about presenting new, upcoming artists and promoting young music with a potential to become a huge thing. Good because Danish likes!

Also as one of the driving forces behind Denmark’s biggest musical talent scout contest KarriereKanonen, Casper generally seems to have a good nose for new names – so, we decided to ask him about his 5 Danish music hopes for 2015. Check out his list below!

And don’t forget to tune in for “Debut” – every Wednesday, between 18:03 and 20:03 at P6 BEAT. It’s a great place to discover new favourites!

My favorite hip hop act in da world. Looking very much forward to their next mellow move. Best productions spiced with stream-of-consciousness vocals and the best flow.

Amin Karami
The winner of KarriereKanonen back in 2013. When the world finally gets to hear his voice, I personally promise goosebums and tears. Very beautiful songs wrapped in great dubsteppy productions.

Get f”’**ing blown away. This music is primal, dusty, heavy. I get totally sucked in by their dark universe. And this is a must see live. With earplugs. Maybe.

and now to something completely different:

Kwamie Liv
Soft, bittersweet tones to listen to alone after dark. A Femme fatale with a really cool EP out there, that’s really melodic, groovy and likeable.

The Attic Sleepers
The best melodies I heard last year. Wrapped in a personal sound that may still be shaped by Mathias and Matias. It always rains on me when I listen. So good.