NIGHT SPORTS – Kids in Europe

Night Shifts

On the last day of October 2014, the EP “Kids in Europe” by Copenhagen-based producer Night Sports was released. Some of you might recognize Caspar Bock, a.k.a. Night Sports, from Champagne Riot. Under this name, along with Anders Reuter, he recorded the EP “Moonstruck” in 2011.

Both in a duo and solo, Caspar Bock makes electro pop music, that is simply great and catchy, that makes your feet dance and lets you have a good time, but that also makes you dream, have sex, fly away – and don’t think about anything at all. You just want to listen to it forever.

Wherever there is a mention of the “Kids in Europe” EP, it’s a positive one. You will understand why, when you turn on the debut EP of Night Sports. Now you got invited to do it, right?

Find “Kids in Europe” on Spotify and don’t miss the video clip to the title song on YouTube.