MAGNOLIA SHOALS – Western Whereabouts

Magnolia Shoals

Music that gets away from being summed up, from being predictable – this is the best kind of music!

Just like the music that Copenhagen-based band Magnolia Shoals presents. The group is part of Thy Music Collective, a great initiative that we already mentioned on the blog before. The guys from Magnolia Shoals call themselves the “baritone rockers”. I call them – the heart melters. Their first official single “Western Whereabouts” is a start of the musical adventure that will continue with the release of their debut album “Tenants” (16. February 2015).

The mix of delicate, feminine violin sounds and the strong, male vocals in “Western Whereabouts” gave me chills, when I heard it for the first time. There is something in Magnolia Shoals that charms like… there is no right comparison here. And this is the whole beauty of this band. You can’t really find any good references to other artists in their first single. Or you can find millions of them, but not a concrete one. Maybe The National can be the one, but still – Magnolia Shoals catches something different in their music.

I’ll be waiting impatiently for their debut album to find out, if the first glimpse of it was just a one-time musical miracle – or something that will amaze for a long, long time… Wait with me, while listening to “Western Whereabouts” and watching the video to the song on YouTube.