IDA GARD: 06.12.2014 Berlin

SONY DSCYou may already be familiar with the Danish singer/songwriter Ida Gard and her touring around Germany, now with her second and fresh album ”Doors”. On 6. December, Crystal Club Berlin invited Good because Danish with other eager fans and curious newcomers to the last show this year.

The music is honest and funny, elaborated yet spontaneous. So is the atmosphere. The music is uncomplicated. It’s clean and basic in that “less is more” kind of way. A powerful voice, guitar, accompanied by drums and backing vocals when extra power needed. Ida’s talent is allowed to shine through, both in the way she is connecting with the audience as well as how she is delivering a flawless musical performance. The contrast from tough and powerful ”Doors” with a ”don’t-you-mess-with-me”-attitude, to the more soft and pure ”Beginners”, mixed-up with the humoristic ”Need A Break”, clearly shows Ida’s different sides and qualities.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the show, that was easy to tell. It doesn’t happen that often that an artist will be called out for two encores – nobody wanted the night to come to an end.

But don’t you worry! If you didn’t have the time or opportunity to catch her this autumn, the tour will continue in February next year. Stay tuned on Good because Danish for the upcoming show dates!

Photos by Elvira Glänte