FRISK FRUGT – Og Hele Verden Forsvinder i Tåger


Not so long ago we talked about Anders Lauge Melgaard and his creative project known as Frisk Frugt. The first single of his forthcoming album was introduced, leaving us excited and curious about what’s approaching.

“Og Hele Verden Forsvinder i Tåger”, his latest release kicks off with an embellished choir and all of a sudden turns into a joyful melody full of playful and peculiar noises. A clear reminder that you never know what to expect from Frisk Frugt, but you still have the feeling that it will be something good. So far we’ve not been mistaken.

The album “Den Europæiske Spejlbue” will be out on 26. January 2015. We’re definitely looking forward to it!

Listen to the new Frisk Frugt single on SoundCloud and buy it via iTunes.