WHOMADEWHO: 13.11.2014 Kolding

whomadewho - 13.11

A really great band is like a best friend – it’s not present every single day in your life, but to the right time. After a long, exhausting day, WhoMadeWho was one of these bands for me, when they were playing an incredible concert at Kolding’s Pitstop last Thursday.

There are a lot of reasons why I would recommend you guys going to one of their concerts. First, Jeppe and Tomas are super fantastic entertainers without any fear of contact to their fans. So if you’re dreaming of entering the stage and smashing “Push me and then just touch me / Till I can get my satisfaction!” – it’s your one-time chance!

Second, the music is “fucking awesome” – original quotation from a guy right after the concert and definitely my opinion as well. After so many years in the music business, WhoMadeWho satisfied the full crowd with their great variety of older material and new stuff as well. Especially with “Keep Me In My Plane”, “Inside World” and a lovely encore with a rock version of “Every Minute Alone” they created an intensive, sweat-dropping-from-the-ceiling atmosphere. Actually I pitied them a little bit for sweating and almost dying on stage, but after seeing their smiling faces I knew – that’s what they love about their job!

Third, these guys are so friendly! Thanks to the band for using their wet towels as saving fan leaves for us and taking time for some photos after the concert.

WhoMadeWho is going to play outside of Europe in the next weeks, so keep an eye on their Facebook profile and upcoming tour dates!