Trip-e ID

Put your guard down. Now it’s time to relax, to stop controlling every single move and every single word. It’s time to be yourself. It’s time to share a tear, to feel safe, to pause the pretending or the everyday life. “I’m fine”, “doing great!”, “all is good” – now you don’t have to say it if you don’t really mean it. Now you can dive into the music of Trip-E and leave all the nonsense of the day behind.

This trip-pop quartet from Aarhus consists of Erika Casier (vocals & synth), Tobias Sachse (guitar & synth-keys), Thomas Lund (synth-keys and synth-bass) and Mikas Eskesen (drums + SPD-S). On their SoundCloud profile they have 3 atmospheric songs to offer.

The downtempo music of Trip-E has some chilling vibes and calmness coming from it. There is no element of rush or artificiality. It’s the pure sound of the night. The songs are somehow “Björk meets James Blake”-like, with vocals also reminding me of Scarlet Chives Maria Mortensen or sometimes – Coco O. from Quadron. This music is like a sensitive massage of your injured soul.

Trip-E is like a gem hidden in Aarhus. I hope that someone will eventually find it and help it grow and develop. In the meantime, you can enjoy “Lethal”, “Fast Forward” and “Seasons Change” on their SoundCloud and give the group your like on Facebook.