MOUNT RUSHMORE SAFARI – Promised You The World

Our new contributor Flo has already seen Mount Rushmore Safari‘s new video clip to “Promised You The World” (and he even wrote a few words about it!) – what about you?

If there would be a contest for The Cure’s Karaoke – Danish trio Mount Rushmore Safari would definitely win this one! For God’s Sake, the lead singer Andreas Sorgenfrei is rather an unique combination of Wolverine, James Dean and a hell of a voice!

Their new video for “Promised You The World” is a kick-ass love song full of vandalizing, nail-biting sequences – but that’s love as well, huh?

Watch the clip that was shot in Berlin, starring the wonderful Polish actress Sonia Kasprzyk, on YouTube and find Mount Rushmore Safari’s album “Elba” on Spotify or iTunes.