KILL J – Cold Stone

cover art by Henrik Siegel

Cover art by Henrik Siegel

If you thought that you got Kill J all figured out, their new song “Cold Stone” will prove you wrong! After the mysterious first single “Phoenix”, the bouncy R&B-style “Bullet” (with a great video clip) and the heartmelting “You Have Another Lover”, the Copenhagen-based duo delivers something so unexpected as the 25 degrees weather in October!

“Cold Stone” cherishes pop music with all its advantages and clichés. The joyful melody, the crazy vocals sounding like straight from the 90’s and the general atmosphere of thoughtless fun make the new Kill J song an extremely good power-booster.

“Pop is not a crime” – says Kill J. And we totally agree! If pop is as good as presented in “Cold Stone”, it deserves a listen (and a little bit of dancing in the empty apartment or on a crowded street, because – why not?).

Listen to “Cold Stone” – now the stream is available worldwide on Kill J’s SoundCloud and Danish fans can buy the digital version of it via iTunes!