GIANA FACTORY – Walking Mirror

Giana Factory - Walking Mirror

Female electronic music with a hint of that special kind of Scandinavian melancholia – that’s Giana Factory. On 19. September the trio released a new single from their great latest album “Lemon Moon”. The song is called “Walking Mirror” and it will make you walk around the musical world of Giana Factory with grace and gentleness.

The song has a somewhat more uplifting melody than for example the earlier single from “Lemon Moon”“I Live At Night”. The gentle, smooth vocals of “Walking Mirror” sooth your soul; yet there is a percussion line that makes the road through the song a bit bumpy – in a very pleasant way though.

With Giana Factory you sometimes can’t guess – is the song a lullaby, a subtle sign of desperation or a joyful play with music? There is a hint of everything in their compositions.

The ladies of Giana Factory wrote on their Facebook page that “The lyrics for our song “Walking Mirror” was actually written in Paris on one of those nice French street cafés.” Maybe this is why there is so much grace in the song, so much elegance and emotions delivered in a “soft” way, making “Walking Mirror” a great musical airbag soothing the pain caused by a clash with reality.

Watch a live video to “Walking Mirror” on YouTube, stream the song on Spotify or buy the digital version via iTunes.