ENA – All Over Me

ENA - All Over Me

Some time ago, when I was writing about ENA’s first single “Deep Seas, I mentioned that the artist is currently working on an EP, but hasn’t given any concrete info about it yet. Nothing has changed in this matter, unfortunately. BUT! ENA did share a new song with us on 22. September 2014.

The single called “All Over Me” shows a totally different face of Elena Carli Čosović than the one we know from the first song “Deep Seas”. It turns out that the artist is also dealing great with more energetic compositions and that she has the potential… of a rapper. Already the first verse of “All Over Me” let my imagination put ENA into rap stylistics.

„Deep Seas”, as I wrote about it, was a promising preview of the upcoming EP. Now I can just add: I CAN’T WAIT TO LISTEN TO MORE FROM ENA!

Stream “All Over Me” on Spotify or Deezer and buy the digital version of the song via iTunes and watch the video clip to the song on YouTube.