TURBOWEEKEND – Glowing Vision


Sometimes it’s all about the lyrics. When I first heard Turboweekend‘s first album “Night Shift” (stream it on Spofity), “Glowing Vision” caught my attention immediately.

The song is disturbing in a way, has this element of chasing something… or maybe running away from something? The tension keeps you interested in how it will end. And really, really – these lyrics! In the moments of frustration or doubts I feel that they say it all perfectly.

“Mocking my trust and fooling my hopes
Hold me back tie me down with ropes
Fooling my hopes and mocking my trust
Don’t touch it’ll all turn to dust”

Turboweekend will always be a special band for Good because Danish, since it all started because of their music. I come back to their songs a lot and I know I’ll never stop doing it. Because there is something in them that when you once taste it, you’ll always be hungry for more.