Nikolaj Grandjean – a Danish singer, songwriter and producer who took what’s best in Jamie Woon, Chet Faker, Bon Iver and added a bit of his own soul into the music. He’s a little bit like a new, Danish face of Sting. We are lucky to be able to listen to the music of his one-man project: n*grandjean.

Mellow tunes, a delicate voice which is nearly just a piece of mist leaving its mark on the music. This artist won our hearts with his delicacy.

His wonderful Facebook info description ends with the words:

“To me that’s an enormous drama. When life has you almost die…”

If you will ever feel like that, this music can save you. Big words, I know. But there’s something in them. Maybe I got to find out about n*grandjean in this special time when I needed some comforting sounds, maybe it’s just the way his music is… I don’t know. What I do know is – when you listen to “Shift to Reverse” or “Heroes and Saints”, you can feel your soul leaving the body and flowing away for a moment.

n*grandjean’s music is… nothing special. What do I mean by that? I mean that its beauty is hidden in the classic approach of singer-songwriter work. The songs are so light, melancholic and fragile that they are almost cheesy. And it’s nothing wrong in it, totally the opposite.

So if you’re in need for something soothing – turn on n*grandjean. You will feel better, I can assure you. Look for more of n*grandjean’s music on Spotify and if you need a little bit of cheering up – listen to this one: “In Bits And Pieces”.