ØNSKEØEN – Baby Cigarettes

Ønskeøen - photo by Paw Ager

photo by Paw Ager

Ønskeøen (which means “Neverland” in Danish) is a new Danish “supergroup” formed by Brian Batz (Sleep Party People) and members of Cody, The Rumour Said Fire and From Sarah.

“Baby Cigarettes” is the first track of the quintet which defines their music as shoegaze pop. The riveting guitar riffs, the melodic noise and vocals in the song make a perfect combination and give you the feeling you want to hear more and more.

I was already sure that this project will be amazing just after hearing the names of the mother-bands of the members and of course they did not disappoint me.

There are no plans for an album yet, the already recorded five songs will be released during the next months.

For now check out the video for “Baby Cigarettes” below. You can also stream Ønskeøen’s song on Spotify.