Nelson Can - EP 2

Recently, I read on one of my friend’s Facebook: “Instead of complaining about the lack of female artists in Roskilde’s lineup, maybe someone could finally admit that girls generally suck at making music?”. That’s a controversial opinion. Which I think is proved wrong by these 3 girls –> Nelson Can. Yes, they CAN and they rock with the new EP!

Nelson Can became one of Good because Danish favorite rock groups from the very beginning and the first song “Apple Pie”. The more we heard from them, the more we liked the garage rock sound, screechy vocals and outspoken, firm and terse lyrics.

On their new “EP 2”, the girls show they still have it! With songs like “Are You High” or “Call Me When You Want To Get Laid” Nelson Can confirm, that saying things straight forward and female shyness aren’t problems for them. The first song also shows how the music evolves into something even more screaming and punk-way-going on the new EP.

“EP 2” is an EP to like for those of you, who want to hear the female power in action, but not overacting. The Nelson Can Ladies are just 3 musicians making music they like and they are loyal to the sound they’ve created through the time.“EP 2” contains rock spirit in its purest form. So go rock with the girls!

You can stream the EP on Nelson Can’s SoundCloud and/or buy it on iTunes.