MADEMOISELLE KAREN: 03.04.2014 Wrocław

Good because Danish
went to see Mademoiselle Karen’s Wrocław gig last Thursday: it was dope!

Energetic and playful, you can tell they love music and are having fun playing it. Karen is our favourite kind of performer – one that talks to the audience, so we’ve heard some stories, there were dogs barking, Monty Python references, a great clarinet solo, good old school doo-wopin’ and Hans’ cool outfit that brought to mind the Royal Tenenbaums. They played few arrangements of old tracks but mostly material from the new album „Comme Les Garçons”.

„Il parle la langue avec la langue” will stay with us for the whole month on replay! You still have a chance to see them live in Poland, don’t miss it!

Check out the Polish tourplan of Mademoiselle Karen HERE.