GOLDIE CHORUS – Marble Ocean

made by Søren Løkke Juul & Morten Blok

made by Søren Løkke Juul & Morten Blok


Friday! A day full of possibilities to explore. We have something for you, that suits Friday very well: Goldie Chorus – a one-man project from Copenhagen, created by Emil Davidsen.

His debut EP, called „Marble Ocean”, was released on 7. April 2014, and we had few days to give it a good listen. Kitsch, psychedelic entourage, androgynous appearance – sounds familiar? The proximity to David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust – Bowie’s alter ego from early 70’s – is almost dangerous. Luckily „Marble Ocean” defends its uniqueness by being less edgy than any album Ziggy would make.

Soft, a bit melancholic, even romantic, it seems to operate in slow motion mode, indifferent to reality. The EP’s title – which is juxtaposing quite contradictory objects – suggests that this artist wanted to place himself somewhere in between tangible reality and gleaming dream, but it feels like genuine oneiric Alice in Wonderland adventures. May the pink flamingo, grazing nonchalantly on the EP’s cover, be a certificate of that.

Give a listen to the first single from the EP on YouTube and stream the whole record on Spotify!