GERDA MONROE – Understood + Can’t Break Me

photo by Simon Martin Sandfær

photo by Simon Martin Sandfær

Gerda Monroe
is the solo project of Anna Mose, who you might recognize from a band called IKI. The artist is currently focusing on her own music by working on a debut EP along with the producer Kim Wagner.

The collaboration between these two already brought an effect in the shape of the uplifting, positive song “Understood” which was released on 10. March 2014. The single is not only a song but also a video clip, where you can see Anna herself as a main character.

Almost exactly one month later,there is  the premiere of Gerda Monroe’s second single “Can’t Break Me”. The song is strongly lined with electronics and a bit darker than the previous track “Understood”.

Gerda Monroe proposes her listeners a dose of energetic pop which is perfectly decorated (as a cherry on top) with her strong vocals. The songs released so far, “Understood” and “Can’t Break Me”, convinced us that this artist is definitely worth following – there is a pretty big chance of a big hype (not only in Denmark) about her debut EP. We keep our fingers crossed for that!

Stream “Can’t Break Me” on Spofiy or buy the song on iTunes.