BLAUE BLUME – In Disco Lights

There’s something incredibly appealing about the retro charme these four long-haired young guys continue to deliver through their music: today, on 28. April 2014, Blaue Blume released their new song “In Disco Lights” in Scandinavia and with it the second single of their upcoming EP “Beau & Lorette”, which is to be released on 2. June.

Along with “In Disco Lights” the quartet sent out the video below, that had its premiere already last week over at The Line Of Best Fit and visualizes the song’s reminiscent vibes in the most suiting way: we see hazy, overlapping images of the band dancing under a disco ball that sends out shiny sparks of light, blended with amateurish filmed footage of Copenhagen’s streets at night.

The heartwarming, home-made 90’s aesthetic of the whole evokes the ambivalent feeling of nostalgia, some kind of wishing back, an ache to return to a place of the past: “We’ll never change the times – So what if we don’t care? Isn’t life beneath the sun a little dream for the lucky ones?”

In times where most things are supposed to move forward, to be quick, future-oriented, new, fresh and groundbreaking, it is more than refreshing when young bands create something new and fresh by taking a look back to gone days – when music manages to allay melancholia and leaves us with a soothing feeling of understanding. “Baby don’t cry I’ll take you dancing…”

Among other festivals this summer, you can catch Blaue Blume at this year’s SPOT Festival – which is definitely on top of Good because Danish’s must-see concerts there.

Buy “In Disco Lights” on iTunes or stream it either on Spotify or on WiMP.