The new dynamic and skilled Danish trio The Mountains finally revealed their first full length album on 10. March 2014. If I had to say if the result is satisfactory, sure it is, but not outstanding. However the production behind it is flawless.

The album called “The Mountains, The Valleys, The Lakes” contains eleven pop songs that feel a bit flat, drab at times and not risky enough. I can’t find the spark that I thought I would find on it, it seems like The Mountains played safe with this release.

Maybe the main reason why I don’t find this record so challenging is because I cannot simply ignore the fact that the three members of The Mountains have created extraordinary music with their alternate bands, showing their entire potential there. For instance Michael Møller in Moi Caprice, with its sound full of melancholy. They were one of the first Danish bands I discovered that expanded my interest in Danish music. And what about Frederik Nordsøs mother-band The William Blakes with their explosive and creative pieces?

Despite all, with the project The Mountains the three musicians tried to establish a new more experimental sound based on synths and the distinctive voice of Michael Møller, nonetheless it never really reaches the top of the mountain on their debut album.

Still, you can find some outstanding tracks there: “The Mountains”, “A Good Place To Bury Our Dreams”, “The Valleys”.

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