Greetings folks, we have something brand new for y’all! BOSTEEN+HOLST released their new album today, on 17. March. “Echo Lane” takes us on a road trip across the States!

Bosteen + Holst is a duo consisting of Bo Steen Mikkelsen and Jeppe Holst. Their music contains references to many genres, such as country, folk rock, jazz or classic songwriting style.

It took them about two years to prepare a new album and there it is! “Echo Lane” is a safe choice, pleasing to the ear with soft vocal and guitar in the foreground. The core of it is classic sound, with country riffs, sounds of horses in the background and reoccurring themes: longing for a getaway and searching for something, following one’s dreams. But among this all we also feel contemporary spirit, following a hobo who is wearing sneakers most of the time.

Listen to the track “Antidote”, it could be a soundtrack from a road movie!

You can find the full album on Spotify.

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