NELSON CAN – Apple Pie

Nelson Can – “Apple Pie”

Female Danish trio, inde-rock sounds, contagious whistling. NELSON CAN. The apple pie in the video clip will make your mouth water, as well as the tasty music.

Unconventional approach to the music – plus. The fact that they are girls and they can whistle – plus. The fact that the song stucks it your head for long (but very pleasant) hours – plus. The rhythm section which “builds” the song in 100% – also a plus. In general – everything’s in the right place, smoothly connected with each other.

The song “Apple Pie” is really a piece of music which makes your mouth water for more. Nelson Can‘s debut EP was released in January 2012. What’s next? We’ll wait, we’ll hear… For now – “Apple Pie” (good song to listen to during baking some tasty stuff – maybe made from apples?)